Dear Students!

Welcome to the New Life Institute of Nursing Multan. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you best at this higher state of education. Our Institute has so much to offer you academically, socially, and morally. I hope and trust that you will take maximum advantage for learning to enhance professional nursing skills and knowledge during your stay in this institution.

Nursing is one of the most Nobel and Honorable profession in the present era health care especially after Covid-19; they work around the world to save humanity. God gives life and nurses help in its preservation. This is an honor and privilege. Beside this, Nursing is a challenging field. There is a tremendous demand for quality nursing in Pakistan and across the Globe. We endeavor to imbibe and impart best skills to our student nurses through rigorous training, both in theory and practical at higher level.

The Education of New Life Institute of Nursing rests on the basis theory of relationship as propounded by Florence Nightingale, the first nurse theorist, which particularly focus on humanity, impartiality and compassion. These principles involve preventing and alleviating human suffering, protecting life and health, and protecting respect for human dignity. We provide the education which meets the latest international medical standards. The net result of the education and training at our institute prepare competent nurse capable of working under all sort of situation around the world. We expect our nurses to be complete nursing professionals well equipped with highest level of nursing skills and techniques for patient care. Last but not the least success is always followed by the hard work and continuous dedication, as our students proven it with positions at University/Examination Board and remarkable results annually. I wish all my students a very successful and bright future.

I would like to pay my special thanks to all respected and well known organizations which recognized (PNC) affiliates (UHS, NEBP) and provide Clinical attachment (City Hospital, Khurshed Rafiq Hospital, Children Hospital, and Chughti Lab) to New Life Institute of Nursing for the growth and enhancement of our students and nursing Profession.


Mr. Aqib Dil Awaiz (Managing Director)
RN, Dip-Card, Dip in HIPC, Post RN BSc.Nursing, MPH, MSN(Cont)